Ten commandments of communication with people after brain injury

  1. Try, if possible, to eliminate interference in the area.
  2. Try to maintain eye contact.
  3. Speak simply and clearly, ask direct questions, do not give too much information at once.
  4. After a while, repeat what you have got to together.
  5. If the one in question tries to meander, return him back.
  6. Do not pretend to understand if you do not, and do not be afraid to ask for the repetition of what was said, if necessary, repeat simple sentences and when unable to understand, try to offer an alternative understanding of lip-reading or writing the information.
  7. Be patient, give them time to express themselves, if necessary, offer words or expressions that might help.
  8. Use gestures.
  9. Ignore inappropriate behavior, stay as calm as possible.
  10. Do not talk to them as to a small child or someone, who is to be felt sorry for.