Project ABI Final Newsletter

ABI is a project that was funded with support from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, Call for Proposals 2009. The ABI project was carried out from October 1st 2009 until October 31st 2011.
The overall aim of project ABI was to build better lives for people with ABI and those affected by it by improving the quality of care and support given to them. During the project´ two years lifetime, the ABI Partnership developed and tested a basic training programme designed for staff working with persons with ABI in a variety of settings, in different roles at all levels, and for community members who are involved, including attorneys, teachers, employers, etc. The ABI Training programme was developed in response to the specific needs and issues faced by staff in their every day work, and in collaboration with persons with ABI.

Final Newsletter of Project ABI for download here.