Project Path to Work for People with Acquired Brain Injury

The aim of the project is to support people with acquired brain injury (ABI) on their return to employment and to raise their value on the labor market. Due to the specific needs of people with ABI, a job training center will be created, which will help people with ABI to get a job and retain it on the open labor market. Five training courses will take place within the project (the length of each course will be four months), which will be centered on theoretical and practical training in social and working skills. Project participants will pass through the input and output working diagnosis, which will verify the conditions of people with ABI for employment. The initial working diagnosis will be followed by a two-week motivational training module, where participants will be educated especially in areas that were disrupted by their brain damage. Followed by professional requalification in two possible fields: administration and preparation of hot meals. Requalifications will be followed by a month-long practice in the chosen field. Throughout the period of participation in the project, the applicants for employment will be able to use employment counseling, and in cooperation with the project partner they will receive intensive support to obtain and keep a job. The project is scheduled for 24 months starting in June 2012 and ending in May 2014. The project is funded by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic.