About Us

CEREBRUM – Brain Injured and Families (Czech Republic) is a nonprofit association, which was set up to contribute to understanding of brain injury, to provide information and to support people with traumatic or other acquired brain injury, their families and caregivers.
CEREBRUM was registered as an association by Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic under No. 22665421 on the 31st July 2007.

Principal goals are:

•    to increase public awareness of the impacts of a brain injury,

•    to make principal rights and needs for complex rehabilitation of people with brain injury known to both professionals and policy makers,

•    to stand up for interests and needs of people with acquired brain injury and their families,

•    to encourage a dialogue regarding specifics of brain injury and especially the need of comprehensive and long-term rehabilitation,

•    to distribute information, advise on sources of support, existing rehabilitation services, other NGOs and professionals who provide services and support to people with disabilities,

•    to provide rehabilitative and health support programs for brain injury survivors and their caregivers. 

The Association is presided by a chairwoman Mirka Kortusova, a vice-chairman post is held by Tomas Machacek.

The address is:

Krizikova 56/75A
186 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 226 807 048

Should you require any further information concerning the Association, do not hesitate to contact us through our email .